You are welcome! 9:30am Sunday mornings
200 Washington St. Inside First Christian.

Grace and Mercy started as a Bible study in a home. The group grew and more room was needed so the decision was made to get a commercial location. This would enable us to have more contact with people and allow us to have activities that we could not in the house setting.

Grace and Mercy is led by Larry and Ginger Foster with help from their friends. We all were once helpless with no way to reach God. Because of God's grace and mercy, He provided Jesus to pay the penalty we could not pay so that we might have a relationship with God and be able to have eternal life in heaven after we die. It is because of God's grace - not our good deeds - that we can be forgiven of the things we have done wrong.

Current Announcements

Sunday Bible Study

at 11:00am downstairs. After the morning worship service, join us for an in-depth study of the Bible in an informal setting. We are currently studying the life of David.

Women's Bible Study

Wednesdays at 1pm. Led by Ginger Foster. Come for a great time of study and fellowship.

Community Supper Night

We serve a free supper to the community every 2nd Tuesday every month from 5pm-7pm.


In Heaven, Hallowed be Your Name

Part 3 in a series on prayer. We continue to take an in depth look at the Model prayer - focusing this time on the phrase, "In Heaven, Hallowed be Your Name"

Our Father

We continue our study of prayer this week as we begin a detailed look at the Model Prayer - better known as the Lord's prayer. In this message we focus on the opening words, "Our Father".

How Not to Pray

We start a series on prayer with Jesus's teaching from Mathew 6 on how not to pray. You didn't know there was a right or wrong, did you?

The Magi (wise men)

The magi (wise men) from the east have always fascinated me in the Christmas Story. Where are these guys from? How did they find out about the birth of Jesus?

Those who saw it and those who missed it. (4th Sunday of Advent)

He is here! The Savior is born. We have angels and shepherds and prophets. But most of the people around missed the announcement. Why and what we can learn from this.

A Lesson in Obedience: Mary and Joseph (3rd Sunday of Advent)

It is almost time for the birth of the Savior. But before He comes, He needs a family. Parents to care for Him, protect Him and raise Him. It will not be an easy job.

Prepare the Way: John the Baptist (2nd Sunday of Advent)

After 400 years of prophetic silence, John the Baptist breaks on the scene with his bold message and unique diet and attire. What dos this voice of "one crying in the wilderness" have to say to us today?

What the Old Testament says about Jesus (1st Sunday of Advent)

Depending on who you ask, there are anywhere from 300-600 prophecies of the Savior in the Old Testament. In this message we talke about some of those prophecies and look at the odds of one person fulfilling them.

Giving Thanks

In my Thanksgiving themed message I talk about why we should be thankful in all things. Really? Yes!

Jonah, Part 2

In our second message in the book of Jonah, we learn that God loves all people everywhere.

Jonah, Part 1

Jonah is one of the best known prophets in the Old Testament - for the wrong reasons. God called him to do a job, and chose to go the opposite direction. What can we learn from Jonah?

Dealing with disappointment

Disappointment is a fact of life. You expect something and it doesn't happen that way. You buy a new breakfast cereal and it just isn't very good. But what do you do when you are disappointed with God?